You NEVER are required to shop the $100 on the Earth side to get your cash back when you shop

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May 26, 2022

You NEVER are required to shop the $100 on the Earth side to get your cash back when you shop

You NEVER are required to shop the $100 on the Earth side to get your cash back when you shop

If you show your cash-back portal to a friend and they buy one, you get $100. . . not even to get your $100 referral fee either. It’s $448 to become a broker and $119 to renew. That’s $686 over a 3 year period – you would have to live in a cave to not get $700 in cash back shopping over 36 months. That’s a mere $19/month in cash back. Heck I saved over $1,000 in cash back my first 6 months buying stuff I would normally buy AND saving time and money too.

What I like most about STE is that there are no victims. People watch the program, decide if they want to start a business . . . and if they fail ( and just like any other business 80% will fail ) at least they get their money back by just shopping. If you take a lien against your house and open up a Subway or McDonald’s franchise and you fail . . . you have NO chance of getting your money back.

Still hiding I charm date kielce see. Yawn… you are so far out there, search, scratching, sniffing but can’t figure it out. Theres nothing there to find. Good to see you there Joe!

I did a lot of research but the problem was I didn’t look EVERYWHERE

Still don’t want to answer the question of why you recruited your wife Debra and YOURSELF?? No wonder you and Joe zero are friends. If STE is such a great opportunity then take on the challenge that I posed to you, xxxxxxxxxxx. I’ll even keep track of it for all to see; as long as you don’t shut everything down to private. As of today your earnings show $7,351., which is not even close to all profit, but even still let’s see where your at on a weekly basise on, a confident xxxxxxxxxxx man like you should be able to take on a simple challenge like this. Especially a challenge coming from a welfare guy like me.

Capt Steve, you say I did not do my research but you are wrong

. I looked at the business model, I looked at the FAQ, I looked at the slides and 24 hour video.. They all said the same thing.. You would only lose your points for THAT month if you didn’t shop the $100 a month.

Now, where I failed was that in the contract there is something that says the original plan was a mandatory $100 a month shopping or all points would flush and the business model could go back to that at any time should they feel the need to do so. It was my own fault for not reading everything.. I just think something this big should have been mentioned just about everywhere they mention the $100 shopping rule. It IS that big of a rule/game/model changer..

Anyway, I know the deal.. Do your research and read every slip of paper you sign and you won’t be caught with your pants down in a business that may not fit what you’re interested in getting involved in. I liked the business model that I signed up under, I do not like the current model. I’ll go idle until they change it again. Hell, it’s been changed 4x since I signed up a few months ago.. Maybe management will see the light again.

Alright everybody – deep breath. Web 2.0 is great in that we can have a healthy debate in real time and nobody’s kickin anyone else’s butt. It’s come to my attention that some personal information was posted in some of the previous comments and I’ve had to go back and delete/alter some stuff. I don’t want to be part of people asking me for IP addresses, altering comments that reveal personal information of people in a debate, etc. So, let’s chill out for a bit, keep the debate on point and leave the personal insults out – whether I agree with your or not, I’m trying to do right by everybody here and make sure this doesn’t boil into a dangerous personal situation for anyone. Thanks

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